Dominique Estival




Flying gliders is a lot of fun and has been my main hobby for a number of years. But I also fly power aircraft, which has allowed me to make a number of trips around Australia (and in New Caledonia, see the picture on my main page).  I am a flight instructor at Gostner Aviation at Camden in the Sydney basin, for both General Aviation (GA) and Recreational Aviation (RA).


After getting my Commercial Pilot Licence in 2006, I joined AusCAP, the Australian Civil Air Patrol.  AusCAP is a volunteer organisation whose members train for search and rescue missions and conduct regular Shark Patrols over the Sydney northern beaches (see the Channel 9 news).  From March 2010 to March 2011, I was the Sydney Squadron Leader.


As a link with my academic research, I have been invited to join CASA's preferred suppliers list of English Language Proficiency Consultants.




Some flying pictures

DG1000 taking off at Camden (Southern Cross Gliding Club).


Citabria mid-loop over Camden (Curtis Aviation).


Refuelling in Birdsville coming back from Alice Springs (April 2006).



In November 2003, I went to Burketown in a motorglider to fly the Morning Glory.


Towing gliders in the Australian Alps (Easter 1996).


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