Dominique Estival




Flying gliders is a lot of fun and has been my main hobby for a number of years. At the recent Women In Gliding week in Kingaroy QLD, I was awarded a trophy for the “Most meritorious flight” (only 169kms, but difficult conditions).



Lisa Trotter handing me the “Most meritorious flight” trophy created by Jo Wooler, at the WIG week in Kingaroy (October 2017).



I also fly power aircraft, which has allowed me to make a number of trips around Australia (and in New Caledonia, see the picture on my main page).  I am a flight instructor at Gostner Aviation at Camden in the Sydney basin, for both General Aviation (GA) and Recreational Aviation (RA), and Whitworth Aviation at Bankstown.


After getting my Commercial Pilot Licence in 2006, I joined AusCAP, the Australian Civil Air Patrol.  AusCAP is a volunteer organisation whose members train for search and rescue missions and conduct regular Shark Patrols over the Sydney northern beaches (see the Channel 9 news).  From March 2010 to March 2011, I was the Sydney Squadron Leader.





Some flying pictures

DG1000 taking off at Camden (Southern Cross Gliding Club).



Citabria mid-loop over Camden (Curtis Aviation).



Refuelling in Birdsville coming back from Alice Springs (April 2006).




In November 2003, I went to Burketown in a motorglider to fly the Morning Glory.


Towing gliders in the Australian Alps (Easter 1996).


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