Dominique Estival – Recent Publications


Dominique Estival, Stuart Fitzpatrick, Brett Molesworth (in press). ‘Politeness markers in aviation communication’. Eric Friginal, Jennifer Robert, Malila Prado, eds. Aviation English Worldwide: Applications for Assessment and Pedagogy. Bloomsbury.

Dominique Estival and Alastair Pennycook (2024). ‘Why aviation English is not ELF’. Kumiko Murata, ed. ELF and Applied Linguistics. Routledge. pp.172-188.

Dominique Estival, Malila Prado, Noriko Ishihara (2023). ‘Not Using Standard Phraseology: Misunderstandings and Delays’. Applied Linguistics Papers 27/2: 2023, 4–28.

Asharie Dissanayaka, Brett Molesworth, Dominique Estival (2023). ‘Miscommunication in Commercial Aviation: The Role of Accent, Speech Rate, Information Density, and Politeness Markers’. The International Journal of Aerospace Psychology, 33: 79-97.

Mark Antoniou, Dominique Estival, Christa Lam-Cassettari, Weicong Li, Anne Dwyer, & Abílio de Almeida Neto (2022). Predicting mental health status in remote and rural farming communities: An analysis of text-based counselling. JMIR Formative Research, vol. 6, issue 6. e33036.

Alexander Thorpe, Dominique Estival, Brett R. C. Molesworth, Ami Eidels (2022). Pilot errors: Communication comes last. Safety Science, 149, 105686. (pdf).

Anne Dwyer, Abílio de Almeida Neto, Dominique Estival, Weicong Li, Christa Lam-Cassettari, Mark Antoniou (2021). The Suitability of Text-Based Communications for the Delivery of Psychological Therapeutic Services to Rural and Remote Communities: Scoping Review’. Journal of Mental Health. JMIR. (pdf)

Dominique Estival & Brett Molesworth (2020). ‘Errors in air-ground pilot communication: an experimental study’. The ESPecialist, Special issue on Aviation English. Vol. 41, No.3. (pdf).

Qiong Wu, Brett R.C. Molesworth, Dominique Estival (2019). ‘An investigation into the factors that affect miscommunication between pilots and air traffic controllers in commercial aviation’. The International Journal of Aerospace Psychology. pp. 53-63. (pdf)

Dominique Estival & Valeria Peretokina (2018). ‘Dialogue Acts in the AusTalk Map Tasks‘. 17th Australasian Speech Science and Technologies (SST2018). Sydney, Australia. (pdf).

Dominique Estival (2018). ‘What Should We Teach Native English Speakers?’ Proceedings of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) Conference. Pp. 37-46. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. (pdf)

Benjamin Weiss, Dominique Estival, Ulrike Stiefelhagen (2018). ‘Non-Experts' Perceptual Dimensions of Voice Assessed by Using Direct Comparisons’. Acta Acustica united with Acustica. Volume 104, Number 1, pp. 174-184(11). DOI: (pdf)

Long Duong, Hadi Afshar, Dominique Estival, Glen Pink, Philip Cohen, Mark Johnson (2018). ‘Active learning for deep semantic parsing’. ACL 2018. (pdf)

Steve Cassidy and Dominique Estival (2018). ‘Annotation Contributions: Sharing derived research data.’ 4REAL2018, Workshop on Replicability and Reproducibility of Research Results in Science and Technology of Language. LREC 2018. Miyazaki, Japan. (pdf)

Long Duong, Hadi Afshar, Dominique Estival, Glen Pink, Philip Cohen and Mark Johnson (2017). ‘Multilingual Semantic Parsing and Code-switching’. Proceedings of CoNLL 2017 (Computational Natural Language Learning), Vancouver, Canada. (pdf)

Steve Cassidy & Dominique Estival (2017). ‘Supporting Accessibility and Reproducibility in Language Research in the Alveo Virtual Laboratory’. Computer Speech & Language, 45, 375-391. doi: (pdf)

Steve Cassidy, Dominique Estival, & Felicity Cox (2017). ‘Case Study: The AusTalk Corpus’. In James Pustejovski & Nancy Ide (Eds.), Handbook of Linguistic Annotation (pp. 1287-1302): Springer Verlag (pdf)

Dominique Estival, Candace Farris and Brett R.C. Molesworth (2016). Aviation English: A Lingua Franca for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. Series: Routledge Research in English for Specific Purposes. Brian Paltridge and Sue Starfield (Eds.) Aviation English: A lingua franca for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Dominique Estival (2016). ‘Alveo: making data accessible through a unified interface - a pipe-dream?’, Paper presented at the Workshop 'Cross-Platform Text Mining and Natural Language Processing Interoperability'. LREC 2016, Portoroz, Slovenia. (pdf)

Brett R. C. Molesworth and Dominique Estival (2015). ‘Miscommunication in general aviation: The influence of external factors on communication errors’. Safety Science, 73, pp.73–79. (pdf)

Dominique Estival (2015). ‘AusTalk and Alveo: An Australian Corpus and Human Communication Science Collaboration Down Under’. In Núria Gala, Reinhard Rapp, & Gemma Bel-Enguix (Eds.), Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon (pp. 545-560): Springer.

Dominique Estival et al (2014). “Australia loves language puzzles: The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO)”. Language and Linguistics Compass. 8/12, pp.659–670. (pdf)

Linda Dawson, Maree Johnson, Hannah Suominen, Jim Basilakis, Paula Sanchez, Dominique Estival, Barbara Kelly and Leif Hanlen. (2014). “A usability framework for speech recognition technologies in clinical handover: A pre-implementation study”, Journal of Medical Systems, 38 (6), 1-9.

Raymond, Jang, Brett R. C. Molesworth, Marion Burgess and Dominique Estival (2014). “Improving Communication in General Aviation through the use of Noise Cancelling Headphones”. Safety Science 62 (2014) pp. 499-504. (pdf)

D. Estival et al (2013). “Learning from OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad”. Proceedings of ACL 2013, 4th NLP Workshop, Sofia, Bulgaria (pdf).

Dominique Estival and Brett Molesworth (2012). "Radio Miscommunication: EL2 Pilots in the Australian General Aviation environment”. Linguistics and the Human Sciences. Vol. 5.3, pp.351–78 (pdf).

Dominique Estival and Alastair Pennycook (2011). “L’Académie française and Anglophone language ideologies”. Language Policy.Vol.10.4, pp.325-341 (pdf)

Denis Burnham, Dominique Estival, Steven Fazio, Jette Viethen,  Felicity Cox, Robert Dale, Steve Cassidy, Julien Epps, Roberto Togneri, Michael Wagner, Yuko Kinoshita, Roland Göcke, Joanne Arciuli, Marc Onslow, Trent Lewis, Andy Butcher, John Hajek (2011). “Building an audio-visual corpus of Australian English: large corpus collection with an economical portable and replicable Black Box”. Proceedings of Interspeech 2011. Florence, Italy (pdf).

Dominique Estival and Brett Molesworth (2010). “Improving radio communication in General Aviation: a preliminary investigation”. 9th International Symposium of the Australian Aviation Psychology Association, Sydney, Australia (pdf)

Dominique Estival and Brett Molesworth (2009). “A study of EL2 pilots’ radio communication in the General Aviation environment”. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 32-3 (pdf)

Dominique Estival (2008). “Author attribution with email messages”.  Journal of Science, Vietnam National University. pp.1-9 (pdf). Talk given as invited speaker at the Forum on ICT, Hanoi, December 2008.



Earlier publications


Published while at APPEN:

Dominique Estival, Tanja Gaustad, Son Bao Pham, Will Radford and Ben Hutchinson (2007b). “TAT: an author profiling tool with application to Arabic emails”.  Australasian Language Technology Workshop.  Melbourne, Australia. (pdf)

Dominique Estival, Tanja Gaustad, Ben Hutchinson, Son Bao Pham and Will Radford (2007a). “Author Profiling for English emails”. Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics (PACLING 2007), pp. 263-272. Melbourne, Australia. (pdf)

Reva Schwartz, Wade Shen, Joseph Campbell, Shelley Paget, Julie Vonwiller, Dominique Estival and Christopher Cieri (2007). “Construction of a Phonotactic Dialect Corpus using Semiautomatic Annotation”.  Proceedings of Interspeech. 2007 (pdf)


Published while at DSTO:

Todd Andrews, Michael Broughton and Dominique Estival (2006). “Implementing an Intelligent Multimedia Presentation Planner using an Agent Based Architecture”. Workshop on Effective Multimodal Dialogue Interfaces. IUI Conference. Sydney, 29 January 2006 (pdf)

Dominique Estival (2005). “The Language Translation Interface”.  Machine Translation, vol. 19, pp.175-192.

Dominique Estival (2005). “The Language Translation Interface”.  Invited presentation at the meeting of the European Association for Machine Translation, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 1-12 (pdf)

Cécile Paris, Nathalie Colineau and Dominique Estival (2004). "Intelligent Multi Media Presentation of information in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment". Australasian Language Technology Workshop, Sydney. ASSTA, pp-85-92 (pdf).

Marilyn Cross and Dominique Estival (2004). "The "Intelligent Listener" in Collaborative Planning". 9th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark (pdf)

Dominique Estival, Chris Nowak, Andrew Zschorn (2004). "Towards Ontology-based Natural Language Processing". RDF/RDFS and OWL in Language Technology: 4th Workshop on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2004), ACL 2004, Barcelona, Spain (pdf)

Dominique Estival, Marilyn Cross, Ahmad Hashemi-Sakhtsari (2004). "Intelligent Listener - experimentation in a live Headquarters". Defence Experimentation Symposium - 2004, DSTO, Edinburgh, Australia (pdf)

Oliver Carr and Dominique Estival (2003). “Document Classification in Structured Military Messages", Australasian Language Technology Workshop. Melbourne, Australia. (pdf).

Dominique Estival, Michael Broughton, Andrew Zschorn, Elizabeth. Pronger (2003).  "Spoken Dialogue for Virtual Advisers in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment". SIGdial Workshop, pp.125-134. Sapporo, Japan (pdf)

Dominique Estival and Jennifer Biggs (2003). “The Language Translation Interface and automated language translation tools for the ADO". Eighth International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Washington, DC, USA. (pdf).

Dominique Estival and Oliver Carr (2002). “Classification of Formatted Document”, 5th Australasian Natural Language Processing Workshop, Canberra, Australia. pp.49-54.

Michael Broughton, Oliver Carr, Paul Taplin, Dominique Estival, Steven Wark, Dale Lambert (2002). "Conversing with Franco, FOCAL’s Virtual Adviser". Human Factors 2002, Melbourne, Australia (pdf)


Published while at Syrinx Speech Systems:

Dominique Estival (2002). “The Syrinx Spoken Language System”. International Journal of Speech Technology. Vol.5. no.1. pp.85-96 (pdf)

Lynn Berry and Dominique Estival (2000). "Moving on from IVR".  in Proceedings of OZCHI'2000, Sydney. pp.166-168 (pdf)


Published while at the University of Melbourne:

Dominique Estival and Nick Nicholas (1999). “TEI Encoding and Syntactic Tagging of an Old French text”, Computers and the Humanities, vol.33 nos.1-2, pp.155-174. [Revised version of the paper presented at the Text Encoding Initiative Tenth Anniversary User Conference, Brown University, November 1997] (ps)

D. Estival (1999). “Adding language capabilities to a small robot”. Sixth International Symposium on Social Communication, Santiago de Cuba (pdf)

D. Estival (1998). “Integration of Speech and Vision in a small mobile robot”, CVIR Workshop, pp.109-113. COLING'98. Montreal (Word)

D. Estival (1997). “Natural Language Processing and Language Change”, LINGSOC XII, University of Otago.

D. Estival (1997). “Can syntactic processing help extracting information from texts?”.  Proceedings of IPMM'97, pp. 443-447. Gold Coast, Australia.

D. Estival (1997) “Machine Translation and Multi-Lingual Text Processing”.  Poster presented at American Association for Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposium (AAAI-SS): “Cross-Language Text and Speech Retrieval”’, Stanford University.

D. Estival (1997). “Sentence Processing and Syntactic Change”.  Poster presented at 10th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Santa Monica.

D. Estival (1997).”Computational modelling of syntactic change”. Australasian Natural Language Processing Summer Workshop, ANLP-97. Macquarie University, Sydney. pp.50-59.

D. Estival (1998). “Review of: Matthew W. Crocker Computational Psycholinguistics.  An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Language”. Language, vol.74, n.1. pp.164-166.

D. Estival (1998). “Book notice: Linguistics and Computation, Jennifer Cole, Georgia M. Green & Jerry L. Morgan, eds.”, Language, vol.74.n.1. p.205.

D. Estival (1997). “Review of: Sparck Jones, Karen & Julia R. Galliers Evaluating Natural Language Processing Systems: An Analysis and Review." Machine Translation, 12-4.

D. Estival (1996).  “Review of Rastier, Cavazza & Anne Abeillé1994.  Sémantique pour l'analyse: De la linguistique à l'informatique”.  Language. vol.72. n.3. p.655.


Published while at ISSCO:

Sabine Lehmann, Stephan Oepen et al (1996). “TSNLP - Test Suites for Natural Language Processing”. Proceedings of COLING 1996, (Copenhagen). pp. 711-716.

Dominique Estival, Sabine Lehmann and Stephan Oepen (1996).  “TSNLP - Des jeux de phrases-test pour l'évaluation d'applications dans le domaine du TALN”. Proceedings of TALN96, (Marseille, May). pp. 97-103.

Rolf Backofen, Tilman Becker, Jo Calder, Joanne Capstick, Luca Dini, Jochen Dörre, Gregor Erbach, Dominique Estival, Suresh Manandhar, Anne-Marie Mineur, Gertjan van Noord, Stephan Oepen, Hans Uszkoreit & Annie Zaenen (1996). The EAGLES Formalisms Working Group- Final Report. EAGLES Reports, available by ftp on the EAGLES server at Pisa.

D. Estival (1996). “Test Suites for Natural Language Processing: the TSNLP project”.  in Australasian Natural Language Processing Summer Workshop. Monash University. Working Papers, Robert Dale & Ingrid Zukerman eds. pp.50-57.

Sabine Lehmann, Mark van der Kraan, and Dominique Estival (1995). “A Modular Organization for TFS Grammar”, in Integrative Ansätze in der Computerlinguistik, DGfS/CL95, Düsseldorf, pp.55-60.

D. Estival (1995). “The EAGLES Workshop on Linguistic Adequacy”.  Invited presentation at the Workshop on Grammar Formalisms for Natural Language Processing, ESSLLI-94, Copenhagen.  Also in Topics in Constraint Grammar Formalism for Natural Language Processing, John Griffith, Erhard Hinrichs & Tsuneko Nakazawa, eds. Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Tübingen. pp.1-10. (The Lisbon Workshop on “The Linguistic Adequacy of Linguistic Formalisms for NLP”, August 1993.  Report of the EAGLES Working Group on Grammar Formalisms (Linguistic Adequacy Subgroup). available by ftp on the EAGLES server at Pisa).

Dominique Estival and Françoise Gayral (1995). “A Study of the Context(s) in a Specific Type of Texts: Car Accident Reports”. IJCAI-95 Workshop on “Context in Natural Language Processing”.  Montreal. (ps)

Dominique Estival, Kirsten Falkedal and Sabine Lehmann (1994). Test Suite Design - Annotation Scheme, Report to LRE 62-089 (D-WP2.2), University of Essex.

Dominique Estival, Kirsten Falkedal & Sabine Lehmann (1994). Analysis of Existing Test Suites, Report to LRE 62-089 (D-WP1), University of Essex.

Françoise Gayral and Dominique Estival (1994). “Contexte et Inférence”.  T.A.L., vol.35. p.19-36. presented at the Journée ATALA Sémantique des Langues Naturelles, Paris, November 1993. 

D. Estival (1994). “Review of Baschung 1991”, Computational Linguistics, v.20, n.4, p.665-669.

Dominique Estival, Dan Tufis & Octav Popescu (1994). Développement d'outils et de données linguistiques pour le traîtement du langage naturel, (in English).  Final Report for Project FNRS-EST (7RUPJO38421). ISSCO Working Papers no.61.

D. Estival (1994). “Compte-rendu de lecture: Anne Abeillé Les nouvelles syntaxes: grammaires d'unification et analyse du  français”.  Cahiers de Praxématique.  Montpellier. pp.181-185.

Dominique Estival and Dominique Petitpierre (1994). DICO :  An On-Line Dictionary Consultation Tool”.  in Early Dictionary Databases, Proceedings of the Conference held in Toronto, October 1993.  CCH Working Papers, 4. pp.237-244.

D. Estival (1994). “Reversible Grammars and their application in Machine Translation”. in Reversible Grammars in Natural Language Processing. Tomek Strzalkowski, ed.  Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp.293-316.

D. Estival (1994). “Des grammaires réutilisables pour la TA-  et d'autres applications de TAL”. in TA-TAO: Recherches de pointe et applications immédiates, Proceedings of the Troisièmes Journées Scientifiques, Montréal, September 1993. eds. A. Clas & P. Bouillon.  AUPELF-UREF.  pp.27-38.

D. Estival (1993). “Une grammaire pour l'analyse et la génération”.  T.A.L., vol.34, no.1, pp.83-100.

D. Estival (1993). “Grammars and Reusability”. in Proceedings of SWAN21. ISSCO, Genève.  pp.67-79

D. Estival (1993). “Grammaires d'unification et traduction automatique”.  in Manuel de Traduction Automatique, eds. P. Bouillon & A. Clas. Montréal: Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal. AUPELF-UREF.  pp.212-227.

D. Estival (1993). “Compte-rendu de lecture: Karine Baschung: Grammaires d'unification à traits et contrôle des infinitives en français”. T.A.L., vol.33 (1992), no.1-2, pp.230—235.

D. Estival (1992). “ELU, un environnement d'expérimentation pour la TA”. META 37-4, no. spécial sur la TA/TAO. Eds. Monique Cormier and Dominique Estival.  Montréal, Presses de l'Université de Montréal.  pp.693-708.

L. Bouchard, L. Emirkanian, C. Fay-Varnier, D. Estival, C. Fouqueré, G. Prigent, P. Zweigenbaum (1992).  “First Results of a French Linguistic Development Environment”, in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING'92). pp.1177-1181. Nantes, July.

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G. Russell, A. Ballim, D. Estival and S. Warwick (1991). “A Language for the Statement of Binary Relations over Feature Structures”. in Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Berlin, April.

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D. Estival (1991). “Le Lexique dans la Traduction Automatique”. Proceedings of the Premier Séminaire de Sémantique Lexicale, IRIT, Université de Toulouse, pp.127-141.

D. Estival (1990). “Review of Formalismes syntaxiques pour le traitement automatique du langage naturel, présenté par P. Miller et T. Torris”. in Intelligence artificielle au Canada.

D. Estival (1990). ELU User Manual.  Technical Report, ISSCO.

D. Estival (1990). “Review of Machine Translation:  How far can it go?  by M. Nagao”. Computational Linguistics, v.16, n.3, pp.182-184.



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