After receiving my PhD, I worked at the interface of industry and academic research, with three main strands:

·         Machine Translation

o        at Weidner

o        at ISSCO

o        at DSTO


·         Grammar Formalisms for Language Processing

o        at ISSCO

o        at the University of Melbourne

o        at Syrinx

o        at DSTO


·         Dialogue Systems

o        at Syrinx, with the Syrinx NLP project

o        at DSTO, with the FOCAL project


See some of my publications in those areas.


My current area of research, combining my interests in linguistics and flying, is Aviation Communication.

I presented that work at the colloquium on “Language Tests And Language Policy: The Case Of Aviation English”, organised by Tim McNamara, at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Boston 2012.


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